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We receive a lot of questions about our products, delivery & our 120-night trial. So we thought what better way to answer them, than to ask our incredibly knowledgable customer service team. 
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0:07 - Why should I buy your mattress?

0:43 - How does the 120-night trial work?

0:56 - How do I return my mattress?

1:21 - Where do returned mattress go?

1:42 - How long until I can sleep on my mattress?

2:04 - What question do you get asked the most?

2:05 - How firm is your mattress?

2:17 - Can you delivery to my apartment?

2:54 - How long will my mattress take to arrive?

3:20 - Will the mattress fold back into the box?

3:22 - What's the best way to move the mattress?

3:52 - What is something you'd like to tell people contacting you?


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Carly 0:07

Why should I buy your mattress?

Why indeed?

Kaya 0:13 

Everyone's adults so you're all making your own decisions. You can you can answer this for yourself, but we are happy to give you as much information as you need before you make your purchase. I think a big one though because many mattresses in a box are foam only. So, I think the great thing about Eva and our mattresses is that it's a hybrid mattress so we do have the extra support from the pocket springs so that's basically the core of the mattress.

foam and springs


Kaya 0:36 

We're biassed but yeah happy to, you know, give you the tools you need to make the decision.

Carly 0:37

We are.

Kaya 0:43

How does your 120-night trial work? The 120-night trial starts from the day that it's delivered so not the day that you order it.

Carly 0:50

We need to give people more time to test it out, essentially, so that's why we do our 120 day trial.

illustration of sneakers

Kaya 0:56 

Yeah, yeah I suppose in a showroom you're only trying the mattress for you know five minutes max, probably. We ask that you try the mattress for 30 days initially. The reason we ask this is because mattresses are kind of like a pair of shoes, so they do have a break in period. If you find after that 30 day period that you're not happy with how things are going, send Carly or myself an email or give us a call.

Kaya 1:21

The Salvos actually have a household collection service that they offer our customers, and they will get in touch with you to organise a collection and then they'll come to your house and pick the mattress up for you and it will be donated to a person that will be able to use it.

Kaya 1:34

There's no catch. It's a real trial, it does exist.

Carly 1:36


Kaya 1:37

Yeah, we want to, you know, we want you to try it and make sure it's the right fit so that's why it's there.

Carly 1:42

How long until I can sleep on the mattress? Okay, so that is essentially almost straightaway so after three or four hours of being unwrapped or unpackaged, you can actually lie, and we do recommend that you do lie on it, for that amount of time to help it inflate. It actually helps the process come along quite nicely. So almost straight away.

Carly 2:04

So what question do you get the most?

Kaya 2:05

This one I reckon, a lot of people always want to ask us how firm the mattress is. So our mattress is a medium-firm, so it does sort of sit in that middle ground.
Mattress Firmness illustration


Carly 2:17

Can you deliver it to my apartment? This is a bit of a situation where it's a door to door service, but not door to apartment door service but the box for the mattress does have wheels on the bottom as well so that can be quite helpful for people if they need to get it into the lift or in the elevator to wheel it through. A lot of people do actually ask this question whether they can actually get it delivered inside the apartment and we do say no, it's it's health and safety, it's insurance purposes, it's all those sorts of reasons, I think getting it to the front door the apartment is pretty good.

Kaya 2:52

How long will my mattress take to arrive? Well, it does depend on where you live.

Carly 2:57


Kaya 2:58

So with our Metro delivery, we can offer next day delivery for orders placed before 4pm, and you can also select your preferred day of delivery at checkout. So it doesn't have to be the next day, you can select any weekday from Monday to Friday. But then for rural, the rural freight company is really good, it usually gets there within five working days max.

Monday to Friday illustration


Kaya 3:20

Will the mattress fall back into the box?

Carly 3:21


Eva Mattress expands illustration

Kaya 3:22

No. So, the mattress once it's unfolded won't fold into the box. Yeah, the pocket springs in the mattress are made from premium grade steel they're super strong, there's no way you're going to compress them again once the mattress has been unrolled. it's super convenient that it comes in a box and is delivered to your door, but if you do need to move it again it will be a full-size mattress. If you need to move it just move it as you would a usual mattress.


Carly 3:46

Flat or on its side.

Kaya 3:39

Just make sure the springs aren't bent, that's basically the most important thing. 

Carly 3:51


Carly 3:52

What is something you'd like to tell people contacting you?

Carly 3:59

I would say that we honestly are trying to do our very best to make sure that you get the best customer service, best quality product possible.

Kaya 4:08

I genuinely think of customers as you know like friends sort of thing likeI want to help people as much as I can, and it's really, you know, you can always help people or you can't always get people the result they want. And that's, it's really you know upsetting when that happens, but you do your best to get them as close to what they need, as possible. Most customers are pretty nice. I feel like we have pretty nice customers.

Carly 4:34

I think we do too!

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