Eva's 365 day trial: answering your most Googled questions

We’ve been loving all the love from you for our 365 day trial. And we appreciate that a few questions can arise from something that breaks the mould like this trial does. So we’ve been gathering the most Googled questions on our 365 day trial and we’re here to answer them.

How does the 365 day trial work?

Starting with an easy one! Your trial begins from the day you receive your Eva product. You get a year to test it, try it out, use it, rearrange it, get comfy with it, and decide whether it’s the perfect fit for your home. If it isn’t, just get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a return and full refund. 

For the really juicy details, you can read the blog post all about our trial.


What products does the 365 day trial apply to? 

All of them. 

From our hybrid mattress to the hemp linen sheets you adorn it with. The All Day and Everyday Sofas as well as the Hideaway tables you pair them with. Our sustainable timber bed frame and our charcoal-infused pillow. Every single Eva product.


Does the 30 day minimum wait period still apply for the 365 day trial?

Yes, it does. You can read more about why we have a 30 day adjustment period here.


Do I have to keep all the original packaging in order to be eligible for return?

Yes. Unless it’s an Eva mattress, you’ll need to hold onto your original packaging in case you want to return your Eva product within your trial. This is so that the products can be kept in good condition for our charity partners, to whom we donate our returned products for a new life. It also limits waste, as we don’t need to use new packaging for returns.


What's the catch with the trial?

There isn’t one! If you want to know the ins and outs of our returns process, you can head to our Returns page.


Can I really return for any reason?

Yes! If you change your mind, move overseas, switch up your style or it simply doesn’t work with your space, you can return it for free for 365 days. 


Will I get a full refund if I live in a regional area? 

Customers living in rural areas are still eligible for a full refund as part of the 365 day trial. Sometimes it’s a little harder to organise a charity partner to come and pick up your Eva product, so we may need your help with locating local charities. 

In some scenarios, if all other options are unavailable, you may have to arrange the return of your Eva product to the nearest charity, or to an Eva warehouse nearest to you. Then we can refund your product(s) in full. 

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