An Eva exclusive: Our new 365 day trial!

This week was a big one for the whole team here at Eva. We launched something that’s been in the works for a looooong time. And finally we can tell you all about it!

We’ve launched a 365 day trial across our entire range.

What’s a 365 day trial?

We’re glad you asked. It means you get a whole year to try Eva furniture in your home. Spend a year lounging on your Everyday sofa, rest 365 flat whites on your Hideaway coffee table, snooze for 2920 hours cocooned in your heavenly hemp sheets… and then spend a lifetime loving them.  A bedroom with Eva products and a woman reading on her bed

Try your entire bedroom for 365 days - hemp linen sheets, pillows, mattress, bed frame and side table.

As always, we deliver to your doorstep for free, cover all our products with a substantial warranty, and if you change your mind there’s free returns right up to day 365. You’ve got a whole year to fall in love with Eva - but we’re pretty sure it won’t take you that long. 



Why does Eva have a trial?

We know that buying online can be risky. And with something as important as furniture, there can’t be much room for risky. So, we wanted to give you peace of mind. Your furniture will be delivered quickly for free, and then you can try it in your home for a good amount of time. Enough to know whether it’s the right fit. And if it isn’t, you can return it - no strings attached. Risky no more!

We used to have a 120 night trial. It was great, but we felt it was missing something. We wanted you to be able to try your products through everything life throws at you.

Family sat on the Everyday Sofa in background, children run around the room in the foreground

Try your sofa through every moment - from the calm to the crazy.

Now, you can shop confidently with the certainty that whatever happens in the year - your style changes, you move house, or your family grows by a small but significant one - you’ve got the time to be sure. We think you deserve it.

A trial this long is possible because of the quality of our range. Through our rigorous design process, we’ve put in the hours to test and tweak before getting to our final products, so we know that they’re designed for your ultimate satisfaction from Day 1 to Day 365 and all the years to come. It’s top quality design, without the eye-watering price tag.

So take a year to make Eva yours, and love it forever.

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